My Latest Question

Say if one were born into a world of nothingness.  Born with merely a mind with only the ability to think.  Born without the five senses and with no way to interpret them.  One would only see black and would not be exposed to any type of inspiration.

What would one think?  Would one create?  Would one have feelings?  Or would one cease to exist?

Dreams and Psyche

I have been preparing and revamping my style.  Recently I had read the story of Cupid and Psyche and fell in love.  Basically the fairytale tells of a mortal girl who's beauty was so magnificent that Cupid (the son of Aphrodite) fell in love with her.  I have decided to use this story as fodder for reviving my style.

My goal is to attain a dreamy, whimsical inspired look highlighting natural beauty with little details that are only noticed when close up.

My main sources of inspiration are from the story of Cupid and Psyche, Salvador Dali's art and the movies Aeon Flux, Darjeeling Limited, and The Little Princess.